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18-01-2022 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
What Are Tenants Responsible For Living In A Rented Property?

Sometimes the line between the landlord, and tenants responsibilities can be skewed, have a read of this article to get some clarity on the subject.

Both landlords and tenants understanding their responsibilities will help negate future frustrations between the two parties.

14-01-2022 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
Can My Tenant Run A Business From Home?

You could have a few concerns if you are asked if your tenant can run a business from home. Such as, What are the legalities surrounding this? Is it permitted within your mortgage? Could there be any contributing factors to affect the property's value? All valid questions that I'll address in this article. 

17-12-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
I’m Charging Too Little For Rent, Can I Increase it?

House prices, along with asking rents for properties, have been on an increase year on year for the past 20-plus years.

So, re-evaluating the amount of rent you'd like your property to return is something you'll want to consider going forward.

08-11-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
My Tenant Gave Notice To Leave, But Overstayed!?

This will be a trying time for you as a landlord, however handling it correctly will help mitigate further loss. As frustrating as it is, you cannot simply force the current tenants out, it is illegal and could put them at an advantage by winning a case to stay in the property indefinitely.

22-10-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
What Are My Options When My Tenant Is In Rent Arrears?

Having a tenant in rent arrears is a tricky situation, as well as being sympathetic to their situation you've got to have your own best interests in your mind to move forward and have your asset making you money again. 

20-10-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
What are my maintenance responsibilities as a landlord?

It is, and always will be your responsibility as a landlord to keep your property in a fit state to be rented. That all water, heating, and electricals are easily accessible and safe to use.

19-10-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
How do rent arrears build up, and the best way to prevent them?

Rent arrears brings on a chain of events that affects all parties of a rental property. From a tenant's perspective, they may feel an overwhelming sense of worry and frustration that they cannot cover some or all their due rent.

14-10-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
What Is Tenancy Management?

The person, or representative overseeing the aspects of a rental property is responsible to ensure the property is safe and secure for the tenants, and any issues get managed and dealt with in a prompt manner.

09-10-2021 - By Zahid Mahmood - 0 comments
Tenancy Renewals

Many landlords are concerned that their tenant may leave too soon, which brings about the additional stress of having to replace good tenants and the uncertainty of what the new tenants will be like. Many tenants are concerned about being given notice by their landlord and facing the stress caused by the dreadful experience of having to re-establish themselves yet again in another home.

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