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25-11-2021 - By Zahid Mahmood - 0 comments
Inventory Check-In Report

As a landlord, when you put a new tenant into the property you want them to return it in a fair condition. But how do you prove that the property was or wasn't returned in a fair condition? That is where an inventory report is INVALUABLE!

18-11-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
Should I Allow Pets In My Property?

Tenants trying to find a property they can call home is a difficult feat at the best of times, if they've got a little furry friend in tow, that difficultly level becomes even harder.

17-11-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
The Comprehensive List Of Questions A Tenant Should Be Asked

Price your property well, advertise on a popular platform, and you can quickly become buried in a mountain of calls, messages, and applications of interest!

02-11-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
Tenant Fees Act (2019): What Landlords Need to Know

For years, tenants had been unfairly charged extortionate fees by landlords, and even by some estate agents. Hence the introduction of the Tenants Fee Act (2019), introduced on 1st June 2019 for new tenancies, and then went on to cover all existing tenancies from 1st June 2020. 

11-10-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
How To Reference A Tenant

Referencing a potential tenant is an important process when considering who'll live in your valuable asset. It's the point of first impression that helps build the person's character, lifestyle, and overall perception both on paper and in your head. It helps build an idea of how they'd be to deal with in future, and how they would potentially look after the property.

10-10-2021 - By Nihal Mohammed - 0 comments
Everything You Need To Know About Taking Our Rental Guarantee Insurance Policy

Recent research has found approximately 10% of landlords will experience rent arrears when renting out their property. Is this a risk you have to take? What options are there to negate this potentially frustrating situation.

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