Contractors Terms & Conditions

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We/Us: Abbey Property

You: The contractor

Tenant: Resident of the property

Landlord: Our client

Payment responsibility:

We instruct you on behalf of our client, the ultimate responsibility to make payment remains on the client as we are the middle party between yourself and our client.

Invoice submission:

Invoices must be submitted before the end of the month. Preferably at least 3 working day to allow us to record it in time for the next payment schedule.

Invoices must be submitted in PDF format.

Payment Schedule:

Payments will be made on the 10th of each month providing the invoice was submitted by the end of the previous month.

For example, if you carried out a job on 20th January, you must submit the invoice before the end of the month. We will collect rent from the tenant on the 1st February and make your invoice deduction. We will then pay you on the 10th February.

Call out charges:

If applicable, we will attempt to claim these from the tenant, however ultimate responsibility remains on the tenant.

Referral Fees:

You agree to pay us 30% of the invoice value as a referral fee.

You may use the calculator below to calculate figures and increase the invoice amount should need be:

Invoice Amount:

Referral to Agency (30%): £0

Final Payment to contractor: £0

Although 30% is mentioned above, a lower amount may be agreed upon considerating the cost mentioned on the invoice in order to keep it fair and reasonable.  

Guarantee of workmanship:

You agree to give a reasonable time of guarantee for your work. Should the issue reoccur within the guaranteed time period, you agree to revisit the issue and make the relevant fixes.

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