Coronavirus Tenant Guide

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What you need to know as a tenant.

We understand the disruption in the economy and the impact on income for many people that the current pandemic has caused. We reassure all our tenants that we have every intention of working together with you during this difficult time to ensure a positive outcome. Times like these can be difficult so we strongly advise keeping in regular contact with us which will allow us to work together and bring about the best solution.

Together we can get through this.

The following is advice regarding any concerns or questions you may have.

I am likely to default on my rent. What should I do?

We would recommend doing your best to upkeep with rental payments as a priority. They are a significant amount which makes them difficult to manage once built up. This is your first point of defence to ensure your cashflow doesn't take a hit long term. By getting this right you will ensure your cashflow isn't affected in the coming months and will prevent you from damaging your credit history which may affect your future ability to take out financial contracts.

I will be defaulting on my rent. What should I do?

Speak with us to let us know this is the case. We will then be able to advise your landlord, so that they are aware and know what to expect. To prevent matters getting worse, we would suggest that you make the maximum payment in line with your income and budgeting, this will reduce your outstanding rent and prevent it from building up. This also allows the landlord to see that you are making a conscious effort to get this matter resolved as promptly as possible. You will need to keep us regularly updated regarding your financial situation so that we can work together to come to a solution.

Once this situation is over, will you help me get up to date with my rental payments?

Many tenants intend on staying long term and they just need help with managing their cashflow during this difficult time. We understand that you would not have defaulted had it not been due to this pandemic taking place. Once this situation has cleared, you will need to clear your balance if you have not already done so.

We may be able to speak with your landlord and arrange for them to accept a short-term payment plan to help bring up to date with any rent you may owe. This is at the landlord's discretion who may keep the following into consideration:

  • How long you have lived at the property
  • Your past rental payment history
  • How effective you've been at communication
  • Your demonstration of your intention to correct the situation

Providing the landlord agrees, we may be able to put something into place short term to help you through this difficult time. The most important part in this is that we work together, and you keep in regular contact with us to keep us updated regarding your financial situation.

Will I be evicted?

Many landlords rely on rent as their main source of income. As much as they would like to help, there is only a short amount of time they can wait until it becomes financially difficult for them to keep helping their tenant whilst sustaining themselves on little or no income. The landlord may serve you a notice to vacate at the expiry of which you will be required to leave the property.

Will I be evicted if I am up to date with the rental payments by the end of my notice?

In most cases the landlord will be delighted that you are back up to date with your rental payments, however this is at the landlord's discretion depending on his experience with you whilst trying to resolve this issue. Most landlord prefer to keep the same tenant for as long as possible, as this ensures rent is paid on time and the property is well maintained.

Will I be liable for the rental payments if I am evicted?

You will be liable for:

  • All outstanding rental payments
  • Legal representation costs such as solicitors
  • Court costs
  • Bailiff costs should they be instructed

The landlord will be able to make a claim through the 'small claims court' for rental arrears as well as all costs associated to this claim.

This can become very costly for the tenant as they must pay the outstanding rent plus extra costs on top of that. What is worse is that it leaves the tenant with a CCJ on their credit history which will show up on their future applications when applying for finance or for a rental property. We do not want this to be the case for any of our tenants and are very willing to come to an agreement to help you resolve this. We just need your willingness, commitment and cooperation.

Where can I get help financial from?

The government is doing a lot right now to help and you may be entitled to more than you think. Please visit and click on the link appropriate to your situation under 'Employment and financial support'. Here you will be able to find advice and information specific to your situation.

Let's work together

We are here to support you in every step of the way and wish to work closely together to bring out the best solution for all. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss your situation with us and we will ensure we help as much as we are able to.

Together we can get through this.

Team at
Abbey Property

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